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yer  Shetulim, Southern District (Israel)

The Northern District (Hebrew: מחוז הצפון‎, Mehoz Hatzafon; Arabic: منطقة الشمال‎) is one of Israel's six administrative districts. The Northern District has a land area of 4,478 km², which increases to 4,638 km² when both land and water are included. The district capital and largest city in the North District is Nazareth.

The Golan Heights has been run as a sub-district of the North District of Israel since the 1981 Golan Heights Law was passed, although its de facto annexation is not internationally recognised, and the unenforced United Nations Security Council Resolution 497 declared the annexation invalid. Excluding the Golan Heights, which is 1,154 km² in area, the land total comes to 3,324 km² (3,484 km² including water).

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