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yer Goodsprings, Nevada (United States)

This is a fun trail that's perfect to do as a loop combined with the upper section of Cottonwood Valley. The crux is at the very beginning as there is a fairly steep decent to get back down into the valley. Most of the downhill section is smooth hard pack but the steepest section at the very bottom is nothing but loose, flaky scree. Too much pressure on the rear brake and I ended up going skiing on a large flat rock for a few feet. Once in the valley, it is flat and fast which actually poses the biggest danger. Because the trail traverses the drainage basin beneath the mountains, it crosses numerous washes some of which have steep banks and significant drop offs. At moderate speeds the crossings are drama free but it would be very easy to get caught off guard if you are running WOT. There are a couple of fun hill climbs along the way but there are also alternate routes around both if you want to avoid them. Once you get close to NV Hwy 160 there are multiple exits. I opted to veer to the left onto Bird Springs / Bonnie and Clyde Roads because it looked more interesting. Any of the trails will dump you out about 1/2 mile from the gas station.


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