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yer Coihaique, Aisén (Chile)

It’s a pretty safe bet to wager that as you’ve traveled around the region of Aysén, you’ve run into gauchos; men and women who proudly maintain old-style Patagonia customs, from the way they live and work to the way that they dress: boina, pañuelo around his neck and bombachas. Gaucho traditions came to Aysén with the pioneers who worked the immense estancias and ranches of the region and remain alive today, despite the arrival of all things modern. Learn more about these traditions and do a little “gauchoing up” of your own in the saddleries of Coyhaique.

Coyhaique’s Artisan Fair

Coyhaique’s Artisan Fair, across from the city’s Plaza of Arms (between Paseo Horn and Dussen) and El Rincón de la Artesanía (General Parra 97; (09) 77691968), are great places to go to buy knitted and woven woolen articles, including woolen boinas, vests, socks, mantas and hats, amongst many other treasures.

Fernández Regalos

You can continue your search in Fernández Regalos (Francisco Bilbao 280), one of the oldest shops in Coyhaique, specialists in articles more refined, such as an authentic wine boot or a scarf for special occasions.

Talabartería Santa Teresa

To follow this route you will need to know Talabartería Santa Teresa (Freire 205 D; (09) 93185011), with implements for farm labor, in addition to hats, belts and boots of excellent quality.

Comercial Temuco, la Casa del Mate

Finally in the Comercial Temuco, La Casa del Mate (Errázuriz 268; (067) 2214243, Facebook: La Casa Del Mate Coyhaique), in addition to the inevitable mate yerba and bulb, you'll find literally everything for yourself as a gaucho. Don't forget to buy Spanish playing cards and ask someone to teach you to play tricks, after that, you'll feel like a true gaucho.


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