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yer  Almehdī, Alborz (Iran)

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  • Fotoğraf AlexandreGagnaire

    AlexandreGagnaire 29.Oca.2015

    How is cycling in Tehran? When I look at the TV, it seems suicidal, but I guess there are quiet and safer areas :)

  • Fotoğraf Mehrdad Z

    Mehrdad Z 29.Oca.2015

    Why it seems suicidal?! :)
    I don't know what the medias show about Iran in the Europe and west but I can guess!! All negative, but not real!! :D

    Any way, I haven't ride in Tehran too much. I live in Karaj (the beginning the trail) and work in Tehran. Tehran is a metropolis in which riding a bike in city streets is not usual, just because of heavy traffic, cross network of highways and almost steep slope of the streets.

    In another word, you may not go to a destination without crossing or going through one highway or more.
    Also in most of the streets you'll have a slope toward north, specially in northern areas of the city which the street have slopes up to 30-35 degrees! Thus I think the best direction for riding in Tehran is East-West.

    Besides, there are two forest parks in west and east of tehran (Chitgar in west, and Sorkheh Hesar in east) with riding facilities that bike riders of Tehran use most, specially for downhill.

    You can see some pics of Tehran riders in this forum (Links below) wich may be helpful to you for better understanding the riding atmosphere here in Iran:





  • Fotoğraf AlexandreGagnaire

    AlexandreGagnaire 29.Oca.2015

    I meant because of the traffic, just like I wouldn't ride in Paris. I know what you mean about the media, and I know it's not true. That's why I don't even think of "problems" during my trip! I am looking forward meeting Iranian people and get to know more the culture and country.

    Thanks for the links !

  • Fotoğraf Mehrdad Z

    Mehrdad Z 29.Oca.2015

    I'll be glad to meet you, and wish you a nice trip :)

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