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yakınında: Bodrum, Muğla (Türkiye)

Bodrum - Bitez - Turgutreis - Yalıkavak - Torba
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8 yorum

  • maretours 14.Şub.2012


    do you live near Bodrum and do you ride a lot with your mountainbike? I'm from a belgian organisation that is going to open a mtb centrum in Yalikavak and we are looking for Turkish Mountainbikers

    kind regards

  • Ketrin 17.Haz.2012

    I am really interested to hear that you are opening up a mtb centre in Yalikavak. I and a few friends are planning to come to the Gumusluk area mountain biking in September. Can you please give me some more information.

  • maretours 17.Haz.2012

    hello, from what country are you? We are building a mtb center with a hotel in Yalikavak. I have an own travel organisation and we sell the package of stay + mtb tours ( 5 tracks in one week ). kind regards

  • Ketrin 21.Haz.2012

    I am from England. We have accommodation near Gumusluk on the Yalikavak side but would like to arrange mountain biking for a group of people possibly in September. When will your mtb centre be opening in Yalikavak? Can you arrange biking tours? Is it possible to arrange bikes or will you be renting bikes from the centre? Can you give me your contact details please? Thankyou

  • Gary Arpin 22.Haz.2012

    We are heading to Yalikava and are seeking Bikes. Where can we rente either/or Mountain or road bikes in Bodrum Peninsula?

  • Halit Çelik 05.Ağu.2012

    I have been looking for friends to ride around Bodrum Peninsula. I haven't heard about a mountain biking center in Bodrum. Wish to hear from a friend to accompany me with this map. I am planning to do it on 8th of august.

  • Fotoğraf: Kara Papas

    Kara Papas 28.Eki.2015

    Hi Provezza,
    Did you do this trail following the main road?
    Do you have any suggestıons for bıke traıls avoıdıng maın road around Bodrum?
    Best regards

  • maretours 28.Eki.2015


    Sadly our center didn't open due to the bad managment of the hotel. I had 25 Scott brand new MTB available :-(.
    If you want to avoid the main roads, you can use some of the firemen roads. These are sandy roads that go around the hills and are perfect to do with the mountainbike. You have a beautiful one from Derekoy ( just before gumusluk ) it will bring you from there until the main road between Ortakent and Yalikavak. You wil find it on google maps statring in Derekoy and is named çilek cd. going true Yakaköy. From there on you can go via Dagbelen to Gundogan.
    An other really nice place is Pedasa in Konacik. It is amazin. Last but not least do not forget the roads from Torba to çamlik.

    I did al of these roads with Jeep and MTB. You can do some amazing rides there but it is heavy terrain.


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