• Fotoğraf Velika Planina
  • Fotoğraf Velika Planina
  • Fotoğraf Velika Planina

süre  4 saat 22 dakika

Koordinat sayısı 2247

Uploaded 09 Ağustos 2012 Perşembe

Recorded Temmuz 2012

1.629 m
522 m
41,52 km

2436 kere bakıldı , 24 kere indirildi

yer Luče, Luče (Slovenija)

Beautiful route from Luce to ascend to the plateau of Velica Planina from which we will be able to enjoy wonderful views. The route starts in Luce and ascends to Volovljek pass, Rakov rob, Velika Planina, Velika Veternika, Mala Planina, Volovljek pass and returns to Luce. Real-time cycling: 4 hours. Cumulative ascent: 1200 m.


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