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yer Abernathy (historical), Alabama (United States)

This is a horse trail. Mud, many trees on the track... means many stops. I suppose many bike riders would not like that. The good thing is that it is more raw nature than most other bike trails. About 22kms ... but no rythm ... when you think you have it... stop again and jump over the tree... So it becomes long and quite demanding. For non pros or equivalent non pro-amateurs... there are some ramps that are just undoable, you have to walk the bike up... Track is a loop start and finish from a camp ground where some "horse" fans camp. Tranquil atmosphere. Pay 3 USD to leave the car for the day.
This track requires a GPS and note there is NO MOBILE SIGNAL. So you need a real Garmin GPS or similar; some portions are very clear but some junctions you need a reference. The phone will become a useless thing as you are on the tracks. I saw no other biker the day I was there; only horse riding and not much. Yield to horses and yield enough space. Not all horses are equally trained, some are shocked with the bike so best is you just ride few meters aside from the track and let the horse go undisturbed.

Very natural, very challenging, great track but it is a clear blue or difficult. Surely not green nor beginner. If compared to Sylaward (also in the Alabama interior area) this track is clearly more difficult.


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