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yer Māâsser ech Choûf, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

My Second trail run. The trail started from Maaser El Chouf town square. After a few hundred meters of pavement, we took a 4 km steep uphill climb through the cedar forest to reach the top of the Barouk mountain and the fun started. The trail had the most ancient cedar trees I have ever laid my eyes on; some cedar tree trunks were as wide as 3 meters (see pictures below). After the forest we moved on a cow path trail snaked around the Barouk cedar reserve. On the way back, we went up a road leading to the communication antenna then we went back through the Barouk cedar forest coming across Al Khutyara (a Cedar tree nick named Al Khutyara (old Lady)).
The weather was great spring weather for a trail run; especially, that it rained all night the night before.
It is a great trail run or hike.


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