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yer Sagmosavan, Aragatsotn (አርሜኒያ)

An attempt to do a fast tour around the crater of beautiful Mount Ara. The way up is very demanding (with trail disappearing sometimes), but once you are up the trail is perfect for trail running and enjoying the views of the interior of the crater with its cool stone formations and the surroundings, including Ararat and Aragats.
Downhill extremely funny if you enjoy long, stoney steep slopes

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  • AlisteCorre 17.Ağu.2014

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Como dice danidomingovitx, la subida es un poco complicada con mucho matorral en algunos sitios, pero cuando llegas arriba las vistas son muy buenas y en la bajada se puede ir muy rápido.

  • Fotoğraf Steven Donatelle

    Steven Donatelle 09.May.2018

    I have followed this trail  doğrulanmış  View more

    Trial running? I couldn't find a trail most of the time, so I couldn't run it.
    It isn't a difficult place to navigate and get around even without a trail, but it was not possible to run except in a few short places.
    I went when it was foggy and raining (even some hail), so the views and finding my way was not as great as it would be if it were a clear day. Still, there were great things to see, and it wasn't that hard to make my way, even without a trail to follow. (I just wish I had taken hiking boots instead of trail running shoes.)

  • Fotoğraf danidomingovitx

    danidomingovitx 22.May.2018

    I haven't been there for a while now, but I did it a couple of times and I remember the upper part and especially the way down was a cool single trail where one could push hard...
    anyways, important thing is being out there and enjoy the views and some fresh air

  • Fotoğraf Steven Donatelle

    Steven Donatelle 23.May.2018

    Yeah, it is a good place to be. Don't want to discourage anyone from taking the hike. I just want to let them know what to expect now that a few years have passed.

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