4.768 m
1.790 m
35,05 km

2575 kere bakıldı , 76 kere indirildi

yer  Ākar, Māzandarān Province (Iran)

4 yorum

  • Fotoğraf Arash

    Arash 19.Tem.2011

    Sorry dude, But it's not a canyoning trail. It's a hiking + mountaineering one. Please correct the category to find it easily. Thanks

  • Fotoğraf Esmaeil Nasrollahi

    Esmaeil Nasrollahi 19.Tem.2011

    Dear Arash,

    Thank you for your reminding I am going to change it immediately.

    Thank you again


  • Fotoğraf Arash

    Arash 19.Tem.2011

    You are welcome ;)

  • Fotoğraf cagatay

    cagatay 17.Ara.2011

    very interesting route. congratulations.

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