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yer Taconnaz, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (France)

Pub ideas are usually stupid. This was one of them. But on the other hand it was awesome experience and a dream that came true. In the year 2016 we bound to the first attempt (2014, http://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=7757954) to reach summit of Mont Blanc. And finally we succeeded.

We stayed in camp in Les Bossons (near Chamonix). I would recommend to visit info center and mountain guides in Chamonix to get info about weather and ascent conditions.

We split our journey to three stages since we thought that we don't have enough time for another acclimatization trip (well, we could do two day acclimatization and then go directly to Refuge de Gouter - that would be ideal...).

First stage was reaching Refuge de Tete Rousse. We used tramway du Mont Blanc and did it in 2:30 from Nid d'Aigle (end station). We stayed there for two nights and maybe I would vote for sleeping inside the hut rather than in tents although it is allowed (btw in the hut there is a room where you can use your gas stove). First night was so so, second was much better. You can buy water there (5€/1,5l) but we used spring that comes from glacier. We were able to drink it even without any purification tablets. If you decide to sleep in the tents I can recommend to use toilet in the hut (there is one public toilet with hygienic gel) rather than a toilet in the campsite. We bought one meal every day (17€) and I can recommend that as well. Grimbergen beer (8€) is not worth it. No WiFi, really bad mobile internet connection.

Second stage was reaching Refuge de Gouter. We did it in 2:15, couloir as well as ridge was calm and quite. Almost no rockfall during ascent and descent. We have two reservations (1.9. and 3.9.) to be able to change our plans according to forecast. Because of the good forecast we decided to use first reservation. Just for info - you have to really cancel your reservation only online and you cannot do it on the Refuge du Gouter (and there is basically no internet connection). You can buy water (6€/1,5l - enough for another day), beer (?€), dinner (30€) and breakfast (15€). I would definitely recommend dinner! It was absolutely delicious. Breakfast is IMHO not worth it. I was surprised that I was able to sleep there and I was more than OK so it seems that even acclimatization on Refuge de Tete Rousse can help you. There is no running water - just in the urinal (?!). No WiFi, almost no mobile signal.

Third stage was reaching summit of Mont Blanc and return to Nid d'Aigle (end station of tramway du Mont Blanc). We got up aroung 2:30 AM and left at 3:15 with others. I had (as well as my collegue) some crisis during the ascent but we were able to overcome them. We reached the summit before 7 AM. Sunrise on top of the Europe. We have really awesome weather and we encoutered some wind just below the summit - also there was an "open" crevasse but it was secured with ropes. Descent was beautiful, we saw Mont Blanc shadow in the shape of a piramid and a beautiful sunshine. We had one hour break on the Refuge de Tete Rousse and we reached Nid d'Aigle around 2 PM.

Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feq5WYUBnBc


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