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yer  Hüseyin, Antalya (Türkiye)

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  • Fotoğraf hosein youseffam

    hosein youseffam 26.Tem.2011

    Hi , thanks for map ..
    I want to know this path drawn in map is only for winter or for all 4 season ... I attend to climb Kızlar Sivrisi.
    how is it in summer? if is not good I want to attend for climbing in next april...
    how manay days I need to climb and come back to antalya... how many days from antalya to antalya in april?
    thanks for reply..



    Hi Huseyin;

    The technical difficulties that can be the output of the four seasons, the Kizlar mountain is a mountain that is not.This year our winter month also faliyette avalanche kulvarlarına.This show us that the nature of global warming. how the layout of the diIf you are going to profit from the top of the ayınada, my rotam in April.April month you will not be more than the profit skirts over I send your route on the mountain.Best Regards ...

  • Fotoğraf hosein youseffam

    hosein youseffam 11.Eki.2011

    Hi Hakan,thanks for your advisement, In fact we planned a tour for Antalya in December, so I want to know which equipments we need for this climbing in December, such as axe, crampon, rope , etc .
    and also I want to know how many days we need for climbing the peak and how many night we will have camping, and are there any facilities in base camp or not?
    and would you please tell me average times for this climbing , such as time from vehicle to camp or camps and time for reaching to peak from camp ?
    I'll be thankful
    best regards...

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