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yer Wildenstein, Grand-Est (France)

1. Start from the parking located on the side of the road D3d (pont de Blanchemer)
2. Take the closed road towards the Lac de Blanchamer and at the first intersection go left.
3. Cross the sky resort of La Bresse and arrive at the Lac de la Lande (it is better to set off earlier before the resort opens in order to not find a lot of people). You only have to cross the pistes, the path continues on the other side, same level.
4. Arrive at the Teleski du Goulet and then go left towards the Col de Thiaville.
5. At the Col de Thiaville start climbing towards the chalet (on the track there is a mistake since I follow the sign "Bas Chitelet" which I shouldn't).
6. Arrive at le Chalet du Chitelet and cross the road Route de Cretes (D 430).
7. Continue climbing until de Hohneck.
8. Follow the edge (be careful with the snow ledges). Try to keep the same altitude without arriving at the road.
9. You can climb Le Kastelberg (I didn't) or just go around it.
10. Arrive at the Ferschrmuss houses.
11. Start climbing the Rainkoft and descend from the same path.
12. To descend to the Lac de Blanchemer you can take the big path or just go through the forest (it is better if you first take the path and then approach the lake from the south, the forest is less steep and dense).
13. Once at the lake, follow the edge from the right side and take the road that brings you back to the Pont de Blanchemer (hopefully skiing).
14. Take the car and stop at la Bresse to enjoy a beer/coffee/tea/whatever-you-like ;-)


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