2.718 m
1.162 m
14,37 km

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yer Dospey Mahala, Софийска област (България)

We leave the ski resort on the north side of the Rila mountain range. At the bottom of the valley we arrive via a comfortable path to the mountain hostel of Malyovitsa.

From here, the normal route to reach the summit is to climb the whole valley, in a southerly direction, and finally to climb its crest summit. But the alternative of climbing the 300m wall to the west of the hostel is too tempting. Making the via-ferrata in the middle of winter, with skis on our backs is impressive, but the areas where the cable has been covered by snow and we have to climb without any insurance are another story.

We descend from the top in a westerly direction, in the second mountain pass we begin to descend through the valley that will take us to the monastery. Here we are waiting for a long and spectacular descent of almost 1,600 m, first on long slopes of good snow (beware of avalanches), and then through an impenetrable forest to arrive to the soul of Bulgaria.


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