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yer El Moukhtâra, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

The spring weather makes it perfect to hike this trail. The weather was foggy and light drizzle early in the morning but later turned into blue clear skies interspersed by white clouds. The river and water falls were at their optimal flow due to the extra rain/snow fall this year.
The hike started from the Virgin Mary church in Mokhtara and went down along the Barouk river all the way to Haret Jandal and back. The trail has breathtaking scenery as well as an assembly of water mills, Roman, and Ottoman bridges. at the end of the trail, we passed by the Bride's pond (birkit al arous in Arabic). All in all the scenery was exceptional.
The trail is a long and challenging trail; especially at this time because of the grown weeds along the trail. The great thing is we enciuntered the municipality workers who were clearing the trail from weeds and preparing it for the hiking season.
Do recommend the trail for those who are fit.
I rated this trail as difficult because of the overgrown bushes along the path which were impeding our movement.

Sewage Treatment Plant


Ottomam Bridge

Ottoman bridges are usually less fancy than Roman bridges and made with smaller stones. The top of the bridge is not as smooth also.

Roman Bridge



This cave has a metal door; I couldn't think of any use for it except, maybe, a shelter.

Water Mill

Lebanon used to have many water mills built close to rivers to grind all kinds of grains. This one is among few that is still in good shape and will be renovated by the Mokhtara municipality.

Roman Bridge


Go Left




Massar Nahel (Bees Cliff)

Looking East, you can view it. It is a high cliff that could be reached via the Roman stairs (another hike)

Massar Dawra


Metal Gate

You go through the metal gate to continue with the hike.


You need to cross a wooden hanging bridge to continue the trail.

Seasonal Waterfall

The trail passes behind the waterfall.

Bride's Pond (Birkit Arous)

A beautiful set of waterfalls and ponds. A great landmark to end the hike with.

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  • Fotoğraf marc.daccache

    marc.daccache 19.May.2019

    I have followed this trail  doğrulanmış  View more

    nice trail, the path was easy to follow on the app, though we did face some obstacles on the trail

  • Fotoğraf zahi.ramadan

    zahi.ramadan 19.May.2019

    what obstacles and where on the trail?

  • Fotoğraf marc.daccache

    marc.daccache 19.May.2019

    it seems the winter was harsh and the trail was blocked by some fallen rocks which we climbed over, and as u mentioned in your description, there were some bushes we had to go through.

  • Fotoğraf lynnozka

    lynnozka 07.Haz.2019

    Hello! How did you get there from Beirut using bus transportation system?

  • Fotoğraf zahi.ramadan

    zahi.ramadan 07.Haz.2019

    I used my car. There is no public transportation that I know of to take you there.

  • Fotoğraf lynnozka

    lynnozka 08.Haz.2019

    Okay thank you

  • Fotoğraf Atodaizzo

    Atodaizzo 03.Eki.2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Thank you Zahi, we did this trail today. It was truly amazing. The scenery is just sooo beautiful and the hike itself is difficult (as written in the description) and fun at the same time.
    I love your other trails, as well. Can’t wait to walk them (:

  • Fotoğraf zahi.ramadan

    zahi.ramadan 04.Eki.2019

    Enjoy hiking and Live life to the fullest

  • Fotoğraf Rima Taha

    Rima Taha 03.Nis.2020

    I did it today and alone. It's very hard but deadly beautiful. I cried and felt stuck many times but it did feel great. It is very powerful when mother nature guides and heals. Thanks zahi.

  • Fotoğraf zahi.ramadan

    zahi.ramadan 03.Nis.2020

    I am glad you enjoyed the hike. Even though I don't encourage people to hike alone, but being one with nature is like being reborn anew.
    Keep on hiking.

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