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2.636 m
8,45 km

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yer Kelāk-e Bālā, Māzandarān (Iran)

There were sharp slopes and it hurts knees a bit. But it's moderate by the way.
Normally this is 2 days plan. Weather is unpredictable so it is needed to be equipped all the time .
Dağ geçidi

Churen Pass

Churen pass

Azad Kooh

4395 m

3 yorum

  • arashkamandar 09.Tem.2014

    hopefully we will climb to this mount for tomorrow

  • Fotoğraf edudillo

    edudillo 17.Kas.2015

    Interesting Clim to acclimatize to Damavand, even to climb like an objetive itself.
    Let me a question: Is there a Place to sleep at Kelak village, refuge, hotel, etc? https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-senderismo/azad-kooh-kelak-village-5142448/photo-2657802

  • Fotoğraf ZaHra.H

    ZaHra.H 18.Kas.2015

    I hope , you have a nice climbing .
    there might be an small motel . but for acclimatization we didn't use it and we preferred to make tent and stay in the path ( mountain) during night and it was perfect . https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-senderismo/azad-kooh-kelak-village-5142448/photo-2657802

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