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yer Ixtlán del Río, Nayarit (Mexico)

Driving route from Toll road 15 (Guadalajara-Tepic) through Jala to Parking spot at Peak of Ceboruco Volcano. Here hiking trail to crater begins.
Fumarole inside the crater.
Long flat meadow with fumaroles in wall above. Ideal spot for camping.
Mirador. From here you can see old lava flow cut by highway.
Parking/Camping spot and Ruins of Museum
Waypoint: Twisted tree

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  • Gilberto N. Cerda 20.Kas.2017

    Hola John, gusto saludarte y siguiendo y caminando tus trazos. Este recorrido lo hicieron en vehículo hasta el volcán? De antemano agradezco tus comentarios. Buen día.

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