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Uploaded 24 Mayıs 2017 Çarşamba

Recorded Mayıs 2017

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yer  Kandolūs, Māzandarān (Iran)

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  • Fotoğraf Parham Pourbozorgi

    Parham Pourbozorgi 07.Haz.2018

    سلام، کمی توضیح در مورد این مسیر می نویسین لطفن؟

  • gerrtuin 21.Haz.2018

    Hi, i am sorry, don't speak Iranian... Are you asking for a comment? We did this walk from the village Kandalous, a round walk up to the meadows where the pastors have their huts. It is a nice and easy walk up, first through the forests along the river, later more open landscape. A powerful spring on the route. Hope this will help you out...

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