5.573 m
2.439 m
13,16 km

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yer  ‘Abbāsābād, Māzandarān (Iran)

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  • Fotoğraf zyga

    zyga 26.Şub.2013

    dustaman, why do you say it is very difficult? did you make it in the winter?
    I'm asking as I'd like to make it beginning of May 2013...

  • Fotoğraf فرشید قدیریان

    فرشید قدیریان 22.Mar.2013

    Hello Dear
    For some reasons, like long walking, high altitude, cold weather and etc.
    In this case when a person wants to climb it, he or she takes it as a serious one.

  • Fotoğraf zyga

    zyga 22.Mar.2013

    thank you! I will try anyway ;-)

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