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yer Cruz Blanca, Mexico City (Mexico)

A trail in the Desierto Los Leones park on Mexico City outskirts. It begins by the former monastery (Ex-Convento del Santo Desierto de Nuestra Senora del Carmen) at the altitude of 3000m. The first peak is Cerro El Caballete (3680m), the second is Cerro San Miguel (3770m). It's technically very easy, the views on the city and surrounding mountains are nice, and it's a great option to hike which can be reached by a public transport in Mexico City.
The trail leaving from Convento is easy to find and walk although not signed as a path to Co. San Miguel. After approx. 1.75km I took a shortcut through the forest (about 500m) which is rather tedious. The same on return. Please note that I struggled a bit to find the right path from Co. El Caballete to Co. San Miguel - it's the path going to the right approx. 150m behind the peak of El Caballete, but initially I went further 300m straight and had to return, so don't follow my entire walk there. Also, I took a circular path to the top of Co. San Miguel and return on a straight path (that I missed when approaching). I recommend using the straight path both ways. On a return, I took a path which circumvents El Caballete.
Los Leones can be reached by public transport. Go to Viveros metro station and take a bus to Ex-Convento. In the morning, some buses may go only to Santa Rosa as there are not enough passengers going to Ex-Convento, but you can take a taxi from Santa Rosa to Ex-Convento (I paid 60 pesos). There are return buses in the afternoon, especially on the weekends - for that reason I would recommend going during the weekend.

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  • sandor.kornhauser 26.Ağu.2018

    I have followed this trail  doğrulanmış  View more

    Its a nice hike. Pretty much straight up to San Miguel. Only thing is its more of a mountain bike route. Too many bikes on the path.

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