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yer Taragwŏn, Gyeonggi (South Korea)

Hike from Dobongsan Station (Subway line 1) to Juanbung peak. The first km passes a lot of street food vendors and stores selling outdoor gear. Once you are on the trail at around 1.2 km, the trail get progrssively steeper the closer you get to the summit.
Intetsection 3
Intrrsection 4
Juanbong 725m
There are a lot of options on where to go. You may also take detours to some of the many temples along the way.
Dobongsan Station exit. This stop is on Seoul Subway line 1 north of the city center.
Syreet food. Lot of good street food between the subway station and the trail head.
Intersection 5
Intersection 2
Intetsection 1

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