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yer  Grayson, Alabama (United States)

The Epic Counter Clockwise Loop in the Sipsey Wilderness, December 27th to 29th 2016.

Starting from the Borden trailhead, we took 207 north to 208, crossed Hagood Creek, then jumped on 210 heading northwest. From 210 we reached the Braziel trailhead, then moved south on 223 to 208. We briefly jumped on 208 again, going east to pick up 224. We took 224 south to 204, visited the Big Tree and then went down 204A to reach 209 and the Sipsey River. We walked 209 east, visiting Fall Creek Falls before turning north again, walking the unofficial west side trail up Borden Creek back to the trailhead.

Be advised that the route shown for 207 is not accurate as my GPSr was glitching on and off. The actual trail more closely follows the contours of the hills. For this reason the total mileage shown is too low. We believe we actually walked a bit over 25 miles. Also, the route for 210 does not reflect the official trail. We got off trail early and rather than waste time trying to find the trail, just used map and compass to move in a general northwesterly direction aiming for the Braziel Trailhead, which we hit. The route shown is accurate as to our actual route but will not match official trail maps. The remainder of the route shown should closely track with official maps available online as well as printed copies available at outdoor stores in Alabama. Also, 204A is not a maintained trail, but is a popular social route. It is, however, much more difficult than the official 204 trail due to downed trees.
Our camp for the first night, located somewhere slightly east of the official 210 trail. We were up on top of the ridge, right at the edge of an old logging road. The night temperature dipped to 39, but we were well prepared and slept very warm. No moon or clouds made for great star gazing.
This point shows where 207 hits 208 near the Gum Pond trailhead.
This is the Braziel trailhead located off of Gum Pond Road. The little map stand shown in the photo is actually at the northern end of 223, but 210 hits 223 about 200 yards farther south. If walking 210 in a northwest direction, the parking area and map stand will be to your right when you leave 210.
East Bee Branch Falls and the Big Tree is a very popular destination within the Sipsey Wilderness. We stopped here for lunch on Day 2 and to take a few record photos.
Standing under the falls on December 29, 2016 the air temperature was 47 and the water was very chilling.


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