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yer Bahía Murta, Aisén (Chile)

In another kilometer, you’ll come to the El Puesto Expediciones Refuge, where you’ll leave your car, register and choose between your options for seeing the glacier. Your first option is a short, but steep, 25 minute hike that leads to an observation deck where you’ll have a tremendous view of the Exploradores Glacier.

Your second option is to take a six-hour guided hike out onto the glacier. There are several regional guides working in the Exploradores area and each one has their own version of the tour, depending on their experience and knowledge of the area. Here we share our experience with the guides of El Puesto Expediciones (www.elpuesto.cl), a regional company with more than 15 years of experience offering guided trekking expeditions on the glacier.

After a short safety talk, your guides will help you get settled with the equipment you’ll need to walk on the ice, and your adventure on the glacier will begin. Your first obstacle is the glacial moraine, a valley full of large rocks and loose stones that have been left from the advancement and regression of this giant mass of ice. After conquering the moraine, you’ll begin to walk on clean ice, a sign that it is time to put on your crampons! If you’ve never hiked with crampons before it can be a little awkward at first, but your guides will teach you the techniques and you’ll soon be on your way.
As you walk, you will encounter a totally irregular surface, full of mounds, cracks, small streams and enormous sinks, which are deep holes that can reach all the way to the base of the glacier. On the ice everything becomes magical: the landscape, the colors, the sculpted glacial forms, even the sound of the crampons breaking the ice. And if you want even more adventure, you have the option of camping on the glacier, which will afford you more time in the ice, allowing you to try out ice climbing, one of the most unforgettable experiences that Patagonia can deliver.


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