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yer  El&#353ani (Македонија)

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This 16 km long round trip has a height difference of about 700-800 m.

The hike has a lot of variation in landscape, including forest and valley, great views of Lake Ohrid, and many flowers in the summer.

Starting from the central square in Elshani, all the climbing for this hike is done during the first 3.5 km, mainly through forest area. That is a bit tough! But after that, the last 12 km are flat or downhill, which certainly contributes to the attractiveness of this hike. This hike is really beautiful and highly recommended!

The round trip starts in the center of the village Elshani, about 10 km from Ohrid. We took a taxi from Ohrid to get to Elshani, that was about 300-400 Denar (5-7 euros). We asked the driver for his phone number so he could pick us up after the hike.

About 4.5 km from the start, you have to make sure that you take the almost invisible trail downhill to your left. In 2014, the trail was signposted with a wooden signpost (direction Konjsko).

Soon, the trail becomes clear again, followed by a descent through forest, after which you enter a breathtaking valley full with flowers.

At 6.5 km from the start, you can have a small detour to the Samotska Dupka cave on your right. The cave is closed off with an iron fence and you cannot enter. There's not much to see so I would not even bother if you're not very curious!

In the valley we encountered a herd of sheep, protected by rather big dogs. The best thing to do in such a case, is to try to get the shepherd's attention (e.g. by yelling or whistling), before you get the attention of the dogs!!! The shepherd will then -hopefully- call off his dogs. We succeeded just in time to get the shepherd's attention, in one of the pictures you can see the dogs still running towards me!

The hike continues through the valley and makes a left turn. After 12 km you reach the almost deserted village Konjsko. Less than 10 of the houses are currently inhabited. Sheep and cows wander freely around. After Konjsko, you further descent towards Elshani.

There's a little shop in Elshani where you can have a well-deserved beer while you wait for the taxi to pick you up. Alternatively, it's about 2.2 km downhill to the main road where you may be able to catch a (mini) bus.

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    Beautiful trail above Lake Ohrid, easily reachable from city of Ohrid. You can also do a quick detour to Bugarska Chuka peak (1801 meters) to get nice views of Lake Prespa.

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