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35,6 km

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yer Gökbahce, Eskişehir (Türkiye)

An easy-to-organize overnight trip in Central Anatolia.

Transportation is very easy. Get a train to Eskişehir, from Istanbul or Ankara. Loads of accomodation in Eskişehir, including two hostels.
Kamil Koç, and Buzlu have buses to Gökbahçe, where we begin our hike. Check the companies websites for schedules; look for Eskişehir - Afyon buses, most go through Seyitgazi, Kırka, and Gökbahçe. Kamil Koç has an 8am bus, which costs 20tl. 90minutes travel time.
For return, we took a village-minibus of Kırka Seyahat, which departet from Kümbet at 14:30, and costs 13tl/person. 2 hours travel time. Last bus at 16:30. If you cannot catch the bus from Kümbet, then 3km further west of Kümbet, you can catch a random bus which does its Afyon-Eskişehir journey.

For accomodation during the hike, at Çukurca, there is one hotel (www.midashan.com) which offers private rooms, a dorm room, tent space, and meals. All thpse are available only through pre-booking; the hotel may be closed if you just appear. There is also a basic guesthouse at Çukurca, operated by Muhtar.

The hike is quite easy, no harsh climbs..etc, tough the first day was a bit on the long side.

Waymarking is poor, and a GPS is essential. That said, I was able to navigate the route a few years back, only guided by the waymarks.

Water sources are marked on this tracklock; the area is not dominated by them, yet, in every 2 hours or so, you'd find a stream, or village.

The first section of the trail was the best in terms of scenery; after Çukurca, it became a bit dull. Yazılıkaya-Çukurca section is in full asphalt.

This trail has a written book by Hüseyin Sarı; check frigyolu.com for more info. The book is informative about the hike, and the map is usefull. What the book lacks is more info about the historical aspect of the trail.

The trail is mostly suitable for any bicycle, except for a road bike.

Gökbahçe: On the main highway, transport hub, a market (bakkal) and kahve (tea house) only available in late evening.
Oynaş: No market, no kahve. Water available.
Gökçegüney: No market, no kahve. Water available. (very friendly village)
Yazılıkaya: A cafe, only available in weekends. No market, no kahve. Water available. Yazılıkaya site does not have gates, you can visit it anytime for free.
Çukurca: Market, cafe, water, and hotel available.
Kümbet: Market, cafe, water available, and scheduled buses to Eskişehir.

Başlangıç ​​zamanı: 09/24/2016 09:32

Varış zamanı: 09/25/2016 13:59

Mesafe: 35,6 km (28:26)

Hareket süresi: 24:37

Ortalama hız: 1,25 km/h

Ort. hareket hızı: 1,44 km/h

Maks. hız: 7,75km/h

Minimum rakım: 1051 m

Maksimum rakım: 1342 m

Yükselme hızı: 127,6 m/h

Alçalma hızı: -116,5 m/h

İrtifa kazancı: 619 m

İrtifa kaybı: -698 m

Yükselme süresi: 04:51

Alçalma süresi: 05:59


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