1.179 m
-214 m
70,8 km

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yer Ginnosar, Northern District (Israel)

3 days hike from Achziv Resort Village to the sea of Galilee.
one of the best hike that Israel can offer :)

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  • Daniel Wolfsdorf 18.Eki.2019

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    - The trail is very popular among Israelis mainly on holidays!
    - It can be done in 3-5 days
    - Plenty of water supply available every half-day hike (or less)
    - Small stores will be available near the main campsites
    - End of the trail is near main road where buses can be taken
    - Some sections are high and on edge of rock though hangers are there to help
    - General nice trail to experience and learn how to hike medium distances trail
    - Can be done alone or in groups

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