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1.657 m

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1.657 m

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29 Mayıs 2015

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Mayıs 2015

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1.090 m
133 m
25,63 km

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yakınında: Muchrachd, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Started from the meadow just after the Power Station in the Glen Strahfarrar side. Took the track that climbs up north direction along the river. Just after passed the craggs of Garbh-charn we abandon the track and cross the stream to climb towards the north-east on the shoulder of the top. It's very boggy but after the first false top it gets dryer and easy to walk on the grass/moss/header. Walk towards the second top is pretty straightforward. There is some snow and the terrain is covered on boulders, but even if the wind had increased a lot on the ridge, the clouds are still high and it's easy to decide a good route. After Carn nan Gobhar, we walked back along the ridge and towards the west. The clouds are now lower and it's good to take a bearing and take care on where we walk. There are good sized cornices on the north side of the ridge that climbs up Sgùrr a'Choire Ghlais. We try to avoid them walking on the south side. We reach the third Munro with no visibility and hoping with the wind the cloud will clear up. We have food in the shelter and luckily the fog clears up. There is a faint path to the forth Munro following the ridge. Nice and easy even with the now stronger but not too cold wind. From Sgùrr Fhuar-thuill we skip the path that follows down the glen and we keep walking to the next top. There is a steepest but safer way down after the snow and the big cornices formed on top of the actual stalkers path. Once beside the Loch the path it's impossible to miss. We increase a bit the speed on the way down because the gate closes at 7pm and we still have a good 10km to go. Once on the road the rain started but at least wasn't cold or windy, we were good sheltered in the Glen. For next time if I come back with a group, I will make sure we start earlier or skip the last Munro. We were very tight on time on the way back and I had to keep note of the speed we were going at looking at the map and the time taken to walk each distance. The gate opens at 9am and closes at 7pm.

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