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Hatsvali - Tsvirmi - Ughviri pass, Svaneti, Georgia 2017-06-21

We arrived at Hatsvali ski resort, took the lift to climb to the top (you have to check beforehand if the ski-lift is operating or not). The hike starts at the top and the dirt road continues along to the east until you reach the transmission towers (at the 3rd km). The road ends here, we could see the continuation of the path further away but we could not find any clear or marked path to get down to the grassy area, 40m or so below the towers. Eventually we found a way amongst the trees and bushes, you have to be careful here as the descent is steep and slippery, using a rope could be helpful. Once you are down you could reach the path easily (which is also marked in the wikiloc's map for Georgia). This path forks when you reach the third large grassy area; the right goes down towards Tsvirmi village (which we took) and left takes you to Ughviri pass directly. When you get to Tsvirmi you the dirt road takes you to Ughviri pass.
During this hike the view is magnificent, you can see Mestia valley on the left and the river Enguri and the villages of Ipara community on the right. At one point you can even see Chaladi glacier. Unfortunately the weather did not allow us to see the peak of Tetnuldi.


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