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Uploaded 03 Kasım 2018 Cumartesi

Recorded Kasım 2018

182 m
114 m
19,32 km

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yer  Haybes, Grand Est (France)

We continued our track from Yesterday (Givet-Haybes, also on Wikilog) from Haybes train station.

We followed the Well-signposted trail until Fumay, where we made a shortcut as the trail goes almost in a circle following the river.

We had planned to find a Restaurant for lunch in Revin, so we left the trail there to enter the town. However, due to off-season and late arrival (try to be there latest 13:00 for open restaurants) we did not find any open, as you can see from our tracking, we searched a lot :-)
Finally, we bought lunch in Intermarche and found a sunny spot on the river bank, not bad at all.
After lunch, we continued to Anchamps train station where we took the train back to Haybes.


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