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1 Nisan 2009
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2 yorum
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yakınında: Kavacık, İzmir (Türkiye)

İzmir- Kavacık- Gödence
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2 yorum

  • 7sies 27 Eyl 2009

    Hello everybody,

    My wife and I tried to wlk this trck, but it seemed rather inpossible. At first: the track start is not to be found. There seems to be a house built, where the track should start, and you have to cross a vally, where thers is no bridge..... So we took an other path (dwn the vally) and tried to get back to the track. To make that happen, we followed the vally down and finally could cross ta stream. We than tried to get back to the track, which was possible, after crossing the local asphalt roa to Gödence, some 2 kilometers before this village. At that time my batteries went down, so I could not navigate any longer with my GPS (which of course was very stupid of me: no topomaps and no spare batteries for my eGPS!). We never found Gödence and had to be picked up by my son in law, some 5 km's west of Gödence, where we most fortunatly met a guy, who escorted my s.i.l from Gödence through the rouhgs. Our disorientation could have happened, because a shepherd send us the wrong wat to Gödence, or that the track is wrong. I strongly believe the last is the matter. So be very careful if you want to use this track. I would advise you not to do it, unless you also have a proper topomap (which I cannot find. If somebody has an address to get hands on these kind of maps, pleas inform me)

  • Kutadgu 22 Şub 2011

    Can see some trck Easy starts, can go by bus, end of bus stops

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