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Recorded Kasım 2012

1.928 m
508 m
17,36 km

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yer  Kŏrim, South Gyeongsang (South Korea)

The hike started at the Georimgol trail head to the Saseuk shelter. From there we followed the ridge to the Jangteomok shelter, then up to the Cheonwanbong summit (I think that is the highest summit in Jirisan NP). Then we headed straight down the mountain to the Jungsanri trail head.
Elevation gain 1400 m
Time 9 hours at a moderate pace
High Point 1920 m
The second shelter just before going to the summit. There is an option here to skip the summit and go straight down to the trail head.
Saseuk shelter
Trail Head Georimgol
Trail Head Jungsanri


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