• Fotoğraf kokhta ridge
  • Fotoğraf kokhta ridge
  • Fotoğraf kokhta ridge
  • Fotoğraf kokhta ridge

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Recorded Temmuz 2014

2.270 m
1.707 m
9,1 km

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yer Bakuriani, Borjomis Raioni (Georgia)

Walk on tracks and open grassland from Bakuriani village to the beginning of the ridge. It would be possible to continue south up to the Trialeti ridge
Kokhta ridge starts from Mt Kokhta see walk 8417727 and rises to about 2400m before joining the main Trialeti ridge which rises to 2800m, both ridges are open pasture.
Good views of the Didveli and Mitarbi valleys, excellent flowers.

Flocks with guard dogs were present on higher pastures in July. Advice is to keep well clear!

Approx - Actual walking - Distance 9.1 km
- Time 3hr 35min
- Stopped time 1hr 10min


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