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yakınında: Athabāt, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

Notes: The starting point is only reachable by a road-worthy AWD or 4WD. Please do not try reaching there with a low ground clearance vehicle. If driving a sedan, you may be required to park at least 3-4 kms from the starting point, depending on how much you intend to risk your sedan's chassis.

We had excitement built in, even while driving to the starting point of the trail - right before the Exit 126, on E311, a desert fox ran across the highway in front of our fast moving car. The slightly fluffy tail was conspicuous. The gravel road begins on the right, while on the road to Jebel Jais. This is the exit to Wadi Ghail/Leopard Canyon, both of which are marked on google maps. The starting point, is a 7.5km gravel (heavy) road from this exit on the paved road.

We reached the starting point (a parking lot /flattened ground) at 6:15am. The sun was yet to bless the wadi and the weather was chilly. This ground is right next to some sort of a huge antenna, that has a red strobe light on top of it. We continued walking on the gravel road towards the wadi, and it took us through a small village that is sparsely populated with wonderful friendly residents and plenty of curious goats.

While you keep left, you will soon enter the wadi/ravine on the left and shall cross small boulders with beautiful ravine walls (balconies) on either side. After around 2km walk, you will soon reach Waypoint 4, that presents the panoramic view of the famous "hanging gardens". The feeling of a subtle solitude and the quietness surrounding the hanging gardens were interrupted only by the echo caused by a few flapping wings, in the wadi. Take your time to absorb nature at her best.

Continuing on the trail, required us to walk over the hanging gardens that has multiple balconies (WP6). Be careful of not taking the upper balconies, as these become difficult to cross, with narrow ridges. Once you cross this, you open up into a beautiful, dry waterfall bed (WP7). The ravine is narrow after this, and it involves a bit of bouldering. Soon, you shall be standing in front of the famous "vertical wall". It looked like a dead end (WP8 and WP9), without ropes, however, there is a narrow climb on the right. We realised that the rocks that were placed there, are loose, while there was minimal grip. This wasn't an easy pass, but we managed to climb it with mutual assistance. That said, I would rate this climb as the difficult aspect of the hike. Climbing further, brought us right above the vertical wall, that has a mountain pass on either side. We continued on the right, through the ravine.

Further up, we came across the first human rock construction (WP11). I feel that turning a sharp right here, would have taken us to the Bahar village settlement. However, we continued further through the wadi. Soon, it was apparent that we were treading a route that was full of large boulders and no signs of any cairns or rock constructions. Eventually, we decided to turn right (WP12). It did get us a bit to stop and think whether we were lost. However, on climbing the steep mountain wall (WP12), we were able to see the Bahar village at a distance. The walk from this point until the village was probably the most boring part of the hike as the sun was already up and there is absolutely no shade on this path.
The Bahar village is a beautiful rest spot with some provisions (sweet mountain water and a resting area - thanks to the residents/owners). Post this point, the descent is steep and a continuous assault on the knees. The steepness is apparent and can be gauged from the elevation graph of this hike.

Highly recommended trail, and we intend to do a reverse hike, to avoid the steep descent.
Dağ geçidi

WP1 - Mountain pass

Dağ geçidi

WP2 - Mountain pass

Dağ geçidi

WP3 - Mountain pass


WP4 - Panorama


WP5 - Panorama

Dağ geçidi

WP6 - Mountain pass


WP7 - Dry waterfall.

Dağ geçidi

WP8 - Mountain pass

Dağ geçidi

WP9 - The famous vertical wall.

Dağ geçidi

WP10 - Pass right above the vertical wall.

Dağ barınağı

WP11 - At the end of the wadi bed trail, climbing beyond it.

Dağ geçidi

WP12 - Hard climb through the rocks towards the village.


WP13 - The great wall


WP14 - The great wall of Bahar village!


WP15 - The community wells of Bahar village :)

Bitki örtüsü

WP16 - Proof of life next to the community well.

Dağ barınağı

WP17 - Resting point at the village


WP18 - Descent towards Wadi Ghail

Dağ geçidi

WP19 - Steep descent towards Wadi Ghail

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  • Fotoğraf: Mayur_S

    Mayur_S 04.Şub.2021

    Bu rotayı takip ettim  Daha fazlasını göster

    Perfect early morning trail, with a bit of everything!!

  • Fotoğraf: Laura Brown

    Laura Brown 12.Şub.2021

    Great description! Thank you for taking the time to explain it in detail. Want to try this one soon

  • Fotoğraf: HikerWolf

    HikerWolf 12.Şub.2021

    You are welcome, Laura. Hope you enjoy the trail!

  • zipster 27.Şub.2021

    Thanks for your super detailed description! I have a couple of questions.
    Is there any shade on this hike at all? I'm considering doing this route next week and it's a bit hotter now than it was when you did it in January.
    Also, if you do the route in reverse, how difficult do you think the steep ascent will be? What is the surface? It looks like its about 500m rise in only 1km

  • Fotoğraf: HikerWolf

    HikerWolf 27.Şub.2021

    Hi Zipster, you got it right about the steep ascent on the reverse. I would agree that the ascent is probably a km or little more, if you do this hike in reverse. I intend to do the same trail again, in reverse as I'm comfortable doing any level of ascent, but descent only kills the knees. You will surely enjoy the trail in reverse

  • Fotoğraf: HikerWolf

    HikerWolf 27.Şub.2021

    Hi Zipster, one point to note while doing the trail in reverse is that you will hit the "vertical wall" and will need to climb it down through the gap. This could be a little tricky and dangerous. I hope you intend to go in a group. The rest of hike would not be difficult at all, in reverse. Regarding the shade, it all depends on what time you intend to start. We started very early and the mid day sun did hit us, while at the Bahar village. The descent (as per this hike trail), is mostly shaded. I would strongly suggest to start early, if you decide to the hike in reverse.

  • Fotoğraf: LT kalninėtojai

    LT kalninėtojai 05.Mar.2021

    Bu rotayı takip ettim  Daha fazlasını göster

    Very nice trail. The difficult part is only at vertical wall. It’s doable even alone if you are fit man, ladies will need some hand. The reverse seemed more challenging, wouldn’t suggest. The most boring part is out from canyon till the village as it is out in the open sun. Thanks for mentioning the rest spot, we could have missed it otherwise. It is a blessing after climbing in the heat. There is even water there. The way down is steep, but doesn’t require any jumping or so, can be done rather easily. Knees need some TLC afterwards though. The scenery is beautiful.

  • Fotoğraf: HikerWolf

    HikerWolf 06.Mar.2021

    Glad you liked it, LT. I'm keen on the reverse to avoid enduring the knee pain, later. And yeah, the sun is getting harsher.We did the Wadi Sidaqah loop over 2 days, and were almost in for a dreaded situation. That said, given the weather, I would up the water ration to 4 litres per person, on the Leopard Canyon hike too.

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