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yakınında: Shalë, Vlorë (Albania)

Many travellers make it over the Llogara Pass, and their gaze is usually drawn to the sandy beaches and blue waters of the Ionian Sea. Unless, of course, they hold tight to the steering wheel and fix their attention on the winding road. The pass climbs to an altitude of 1000 Meter, and many find the altitude dizzying. Few travellers know, that another 1000 Meter higher, Maja e Qorres is in relatively easy reach offering even more astounding views. Maja e Qorres is only a few Meters lower than Maja e Cikës, separated from it through a 3.5 kilomters long ridge.

Many mountain hikers tend to study the weather forecast for temperature and rainfall. At Llogara Pass and Maja e Qorres, it pays to study also the strength of the expected wind. Even on the Llogara Pass, at half the height of Maja e Qorres, the wind can be fierce while those at Dhermi Beach below are roasting in the sun.

Maja e Qorres lies in the Llogara National Park which has many wonderful old pine trees. The predominant strong winds have caused the trees to bend into interesting shapes.

To climb Maja e Qorres, one doesn't really need a GPS device. The climb is very straightforward, and follows a visible trail for the first half of the hike. On the upper reaches, the trail becomes more indistinct, but the direction is generally up. We climbed Qorres while it had snow cover on many parts, and especially around the summit area the coordinates might have strayed off the path. Having said this, it probably is a good idea to take a GPS, in case of swirling clouds or fog causing poor visibility.

The weather can change rapidly in the coastal mountains, and one should make plans to return from the mountain around mid-day.

When hiking up, at waypoint "point 1" a trail joins from the left. We tried it on our way down, but got lost in a maze of fallen trees and shrubs.

At "fork 1" a mule trail leads to the left. It climbs gently. It will join the main trail again at "fork 2". The main trail is also a mule trail, for mules with low gears and differential lock. Those who want to save some energy for the summit go left, and those with little time go right on the main trail.

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  • Fotoğraf: Endrit Shima

    Endrit Shima 27.Mar.2012

    One of my favorite hikes in Albania. Would love to make it in snow.

  • Fotoğraf: Gams

    Gams 14.Eki.2013

    Bu rotayı takip ettim  Daha fazlasını göster

    It is a good idea to do this trail in spring or winter on a day with low winds.
    Special attention is to be paid to the first 200 m altitude gain. The presence of cattle flocks has made this lowest quarter of the ascent very cumbersome. Despite the red markings now found in the lower third one is tempted to look for alternatives as the path is badly eroded and in parts washed off altogether.
    Attempts have been made to circumvent the bad stretches by new serpentines looping out north that add distance but also enjoyment.
    There is some danger that the path is over-used.

  • Felix T 19.May.2017

    Bu rotayı takip ettim  Daha fazlasını göster

    Super nice hike. I did it in the end of March. There was still some snow.

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