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yakınında: Mazeri, Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti (Georgia)

Mazeri - Mazeri Waterfalls, Becho, Svaneti, Georgia 2017-06-19

The hike starts at the hut (which is marked on Google's map as hiker's cafe which was closed at the time) crosses the bridge over the river Dolra, The climb is fairly strenuous, the rainy weather did not help, the path became slippery. Since the area is close to the Russian border and politically sensitive, there is a border post when you cross the river second time at 3rd km. As the rain increased we took refuge at the guards' hut since luckily our Georgian guide new the people there. Another steep climb takes you the the waterfalls if you follow the path down to the right at an intersection. The foul weather did not permit us to get close to the waterfall. The path to the left takes you up the Ushba glacier. When going down to the waterfall, pay attention to the flowers around you, the variety is incredible. On the way back the rain cleared and the clouds lifted, we enjoyed views towards Mazeri and beyond, but unfortunately we never saw the Ushba peaks.


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