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yer Pátzcuaro, Nayarit (Mexico)

We started this hike on the Sayulita side of monkey Mountain. We decided to take a right at a side trail and ended up at a cliff overlooking the ocean below. It was a hike of moderate difficulty, particularly because of the mud and creeks after hurricane Willa brought a lot of rain fall. Most of the trail is a dirt road which has been a bit overgrown in spots.
Had to detour around a gate on a single track jungle trail.
Had to cross a couple of streams since hurricane Willa brought so much water to the area.
You can’t see it but a pretty red hummer was sipping from flowers.
A tiny turtle was hiding at the edge of the trail!
The view of Monkey Mountain from the side trail.
Side trail ends at a cliff way above a beach.
As you’re headed up hill, the right trail is a side trail. Straight ahead is the Monkey Mountain backside trail.
Had to turn left at this gate. A single track trail led around the fenced off area and returned to the road.


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