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528 m

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528 m

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856 m



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413 m

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24 Eylül 2020

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Eylül 2020
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856 m
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yakınında: Le Poët-Célard, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (France)

Starting from the obligatory parking place for hikers the village the first part of the walk to Mairie de Mornans is along the road with the very visible Tour de Mornans on your right hand.

From Mairie de Mornans we followed the GR 9 Variante par Les Benoits.

At 520m. we did not follow the (slightly longer) signposted track, but instead took the old hardly visible track of the GR 9 Variante across the open field (for which we had to step over a fence, easy), a part which yields wonderful views.

At 600m. we came upon a small road that took us to the Col de Rastel (615m). Going through the gate we followed the Gr 9 coming up from Bourdeaux.

From here on the track becomes gradually steeper, giving extended views almost all the time until you reach a big junction at 840m.

At this junction we left the GR9 to Fondoresse and took the track to the north but shortly after stepped over barbed wire (easy) to follow a smaller track to the Serre Antoine.

The views remain spectacular all the time.

From Serre Antoine a beautiful track through the woods will lead you the small community of Taveau from where the last 3 km is along a quiet road, still giving you beautiful views.
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Parking Obligatoire Randonneurs

good parking, picknick tabbles/benches and waste disposal bins.

Junction Mornans


View Le Tour Mornans


Col de Rastel


View Poet Celard, Ferme Lagier (Le Panicaut), and Le Tour Mornans


Extended Views

South West to North East
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Serre Antoine


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