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yer Zanoaẖ, Jerusalem (Israel)

Nice and easy walk in the Bar Giora forest. Good for cool winter days (it probably will be too hot to do it in summer). Most of the walk goes through a valley, so the views are not breathtaking or anything and the forest is quite dense. I would rate this hike as 5/10.

Few notes:
* HaTeomim cave is closed during winter (it is used by bats for hatching)
* There is a point on the trail that ends with a closed gate stating it's a private property. You can go over the fence quite easily, but I continued along the fence through the forest (without a trail) until I found another gate that was opened.

Teomim Cave

Closed during winter months (November to April)
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Beit Itab Ruins

Great views of Beit Shemesh and Nes Harim


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