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yer Ojén, Andalucía (España)

A very beautiful walk!!

From the parking places near the Refugio Juanar we walked the broad track towards the Miradors but in the Olivar de Juanar we turned to the north west and came upon a track that you could take from the refugio.

What follows is a shaded and gradual climb towards the Puerto las Alanas at more or less 1060m. which gives beautiful views across the Marbella region and the sea.

From this col the last 100 metres to the Cruz de Juanar (1163m.) is sometimes steep and not always clear, but it is not difficult although you mioght sometimes have to use you hands.

The views from the area around the Cruz de Juanar are superb!

The descent is steep and rocky and may be slippery after wet conditions but the descent is in the open and you will be able to enjoy good views at all times.

Arriving at the broad track we went to the Mirador del Macho Montes with its great view down to Marbella and after that to the next Mirador, Mirador del Corzo with its great view to Ojén.

This walk has evrything that makes hiking worthwhile.

Olivar de Juanar


Junction PR 168,167,135


Puerto Las Alanas


All around view

From Gibraltar to the Sierra Nevada

Cruz de Juanar


Puerto de Marbella


Mirador del Macho Montes


Mirador del Corzo


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