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yakınında: Përcëllesh, Tiranë (Albania)

This is a relatively short, easy hike using part of the very long Priske ridge. The hike is for those who don't need to climb the highest mountain tops, but still wish to enjoy some peaceful hiking along ridges with very good views into all directions.

The hike along the ridge is very easy to follow. When descending, the trail leads to an old cemetary. From here, the return hike follows a rather disused path, through shrubs that were burned in winter 2012/2013. This makes for sometimes difficult progress, and some garden scissors or an axe would be of great help - if not for you then for those who follow you!

If you don't wish to fight brambles and burned shrub, descend from the cemetary to the road about 50 Meter or so below. This makes for more up-and-down, but probably for a much faster return - with fewer views. Our rating would also make this an easy trip.

For the trailhead, follow the road from Tirana to Dajti Mountain. Before the road goes into the first hairpin, turn right to signposted Priske village. Pass through the village and continue to Përcëllesh.

A good alternative if you are unsure about the weather, or forgot to set your alarm clock!

01-fork keep right



13-APR-13 13:10:42
Dağ geçidi

03-Fork keep right

13-APR-13 13:45:46

04-first summit

13-APR-13 14:12:12

05-second summit

13-APR-13 14:43:04

06-Fork keep right

13-APR-13 15:40:20

07-Fork keep right

13-APR-13 15:45:36

08-Fork keep right

13-APR-13 15:54:08

09-fork keep right

13-APR-13 16:01:39
Arkeolojik sit alanı

10-Old Cemetary

take lower path

11-Meet Road

13-APR-13 17:16:45

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  • Fotoğraf: Gams

    Gams 23.Nis.2013

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    This is a good trail for the extended mud season, as one has to cope with few if any muddy stretches. The hills facing southwest dry up quicker under the spring sun. Paths are stony, access is easy and short. When returning along the road, it is an easy walk.
    Views are good both to the west and east from the quiet shepherd's paths and residents of Tirana do experience a welcome break from urban life.

  • Fotoğraf: Gams

    Gams 26.Kas.2013

    As of yesterday the google earth maps south of Tirana have been updated. The update reveals the extensive damage fire caused for Priske mountain. The upper return trail can now be spotted traversing the entire burnt hill side.

  • Fotoğraf: Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 26.Kas.2013

    It is very interesting - if not shocking - to see the extent of the forest fire now also in google earth, in this area. For those who usually only look at the google maps, I strongly suggest to also try google earth, as it allows to see the slopes and angles, and the way a forest fire (among many other things) develops.

  • Fotoğraf: TilManPlus

    TilManPlus 12.Mar.2017

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    This is a nice and rather easy walk, with mainly good and easy to follow trails. As said in the description, the return trail is more difficult, because of the heavy brush-wood along the seldomly used path. It was a bit of a fight, leaving a few scratches. Besides that its easy to walk and the views are quite nice.

    Just a short note regarding the road to get there: About 6 km before the Përcëllesh the tarmac road starts getting bad, with a few potholes here and there. And about 3km before the village, it turns into a gravel road. It's still doable with a normal car, but you have to go slow. An off-road car would make things easier and might be the better option during of after bad weather.

  • frederic_eberhardt 08.Ara.2019

    On the way back, the track down hill in the bush has become "jungle". It's worth it to reach the gravel road 100m below for returning to finish the loop.

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