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yer Whitesides Mill, Alabama (United States)

Worst backpacking trip ever! Now, got that out of my system. It’s a bad deal when you try to squeeze two hobbies into the same time and space. The day before my big Pinhoti hike, (Packing Day) I decided I could go sailing and still get my packing done. The sail was awesome! The packing left something to be desired.

With my hastily packed gear I rolled out of Hattiesburg, MS headed northeast to meet Buddy Lique at Cheaha TH for a shuttle to Pine Glen Campground TH. Met Buddy at 7am and about an hour later he has dropped me off and wished me success. I eased past the shore of Highrock Lake, lunched at Lower Shoal Shelter, and after a total of eleven miles of superb trail, settled for the evening on a spur of Brymer Mountain. After retrieving water from a source one hundred foot down the draw, I started unpacking gear for supper. Horror! In my slapdash packing the previous day I missed packing fuel for my stove. I spent the evening sitting dejected thinking of the Lo Mein Noodles in a Sweet Teriyaki Sauce that I would not be having as I spooned in cold tuna. Despite the fuel failure the sunset was a sure winner for the evening.

The night was spent listening to the trains pass just a half mile down the mountain side. Brought back many memories for this railroad man’s son. Morning brought the fact to light that I would have no hot coffee. Cold brew and a pinch of grinds between the cheek and gum does not bring the same sensation as a cup of hot java. Striking out on the trial south, I watched the type of trees change as I ranged hill and draw. Even the difference of flora between north and south slopes of the ridge spurs stood out, making for a constant changing view in the Talladega National Forest. I ended my twelve mile day on the banks of Little Hillabee Creek.

Day three was basically a repeat of the previous day, cold coffee and rolling forest views. Mile eleven brought me to an abandon forest service road and a dry camp near Pine Mountain. Morning pushed me up Blue Mountain. This last five miles was most eye appealing to me. I find the rock and bolder formations extremely pleasing. Nearly as pleasing as my truck at the Cheaha TH taking me to Dunkin Donuts for coffee in Oxford. Regardless of the setbacks around my lack of fuel there are no regrets.
Great end to a great hike.


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