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yer Strmec, Luče (Slovenija)

Raduha is, quite rightly so, a popular destination. The hike is varied, starts or ends at an alpine hut with reputedly very good food, is not overly strenuous, and offers great views. When we were there on a Friday in late September, we met several other parties, and one can only imagine the many hikers that Raduha will see on a busy weekend in summer. But as so often, once on the trail, the crowds disperse, and Raduha offers great hiking for everyone.

Having said this, one needs to reach the parking space just below the hut Koča na Loki, which takes about three quarters of an hour from Luče or a little longer from Ljubno. The gravel road is good for a regular car. When we arrived, parking was prohibited due to logging activities, but we found a place on the side a few hundred meters down the road.

On the same day, the animals were brought home from the alpine meadows, and we were advised by the staff of the Koca na Loki not to park our car in the way of the horns and hoofs of the cows.

The trail is well signposted. Some variations are possible - including, of course, the entire climb from Luce! The part along the ridge of Raduha, including the summit are particularly nice. Note there are also trails (undoubtedly more exposed) that make their way from the north side of Raduha to the summit.

The summit sits on more open terrain - make sure you hit the trail again at waypoint 6.

Waypoint 8 with its nice little hut (good for a rest) marks the intersection of several ways. You may turn right towards the ice cave (Snežna Jama). You should inquire before about the opening hours of the cave (mostly on weekends during the summer) before venturing this way. Alternatively, you may turn left to return to Koča na Loki for refreshments before driving home. We dismissed this option owing to a bull standing in the middle of the trail, and instead aimed for the direct route back to the car. This involved some bushwhack through steep forest, until we reached a clearing from the logging work at waypoint 9, form where it is only a few minutes back to the road.

RA 01-Parking


RA 02-Alternative Parking


RA 03-Koča na Loki


RA 04-Junction


RA 05-Raduha Summit


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RA 07-View


RA 08-Hut and Intersection


RA 09-Glade


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