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yer Sankt Blasien, Baden-Württemberg (Deutschland)

On day 5 we leave St. Blasien hiking upwards on the Lehenkopf through narrow forest paths. During this hike we have a nice view of the town St. Blasien with its prominent cathedral. Soon we arrive at a wooden lookout tower where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the green surroundings. It is even possible to catch a glimpse of the Alps. Then we continue walking on open field tracks that sometimes lead us past typical houses and farms dispersed in the countryside. If you feel like stopping for lunch you can do so at the Klosterweiherhof, which is right next to the trail and its pond.
From the Kreuzfelsen we can enjoy again a good view. It is called this way because of the Friedenskreuz (freedom cross) on its top. There you can also rest on some benches.
Then we hike down again past Ibach to enter the forest that surrounds the Hohwehraschlucht, a ravine created by the river and located close to Todtmoos. Todtmoos looked like a quite touristy small town to us, well-kept and with several hotels or guesthouses, restaurants, souvenir shops and supermarkets.


A wooden tower you can climb to have an even better view




A pond next to Klosterweiherhof


A lookout with a bench and a small cabin


Viewpoint with benches and Ibacher Friedenskreuz (freedom cross) from which you can look down on the village Ibach


    You can or this trail