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yer Liman, Northern District (Israel)

Sea to Sea is one of the classic Israeli hikes and one of the most beautiful. The hike starts at the Mediterranean sea near Achziv camping site and follows several Galilean streams (most prominent of which are Kziv and Amud) up to the summit of Meron mountain and then down to the shore Kinneret (a.k.a. the sea of Galilee). The hike can be done in 4 or 3 days and is best to do during the early spring (when the weather is not yet hot, everything is still green and the days are long enough). This is a description of a 3-day hike. At the end of each day there is a place to fill water, so you don't have to carry a lot of water with you (3-4 liters per person should be enough).

Day 1: Start at the Achziv beach and follow the Kziv stream. The first part of the trail goes through farm land, if you get there early in the morning the wheat fields look great during the golden hour, otherwise this section is pretty dull. After you reach road 70 you have to follow an intercity road for about 2 km, this stretch is unpleasant and quite dangerous as there are no shoulders on this road. After that you get to the nature reserve where the trail is well marked (green trail) you will go under the Monfort castle and near a natural pond (Ein Tamir). Shortly after Ein Tamir there will be a climb towards Abirim village (black trail), this is the hardest part of the day. Don't go to the village itself, but rather take a trail that goes around it (to the south) towards Alkosh bridge, the trail offers panoramic views of the surrounding villages. Finally, after ~9 easy kilometers you will reach an empty lot behind a soccer field, this is a perfect spot for the first night. Water can be obtained from a gas station nearby.


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