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yakınında: Ra’s al Waḩḩ, Musandam (Sultanate of Oman)

It is one of the most famous hikes in the UAE and definitely difficult. It is about a 17 km route which requires about 10-12 hours to accomplish. It includes some basic scrambling. GPS has an issue when you are deep in the canyon and draws a false saw-like line, that is why it says 27 km.

Some parts of the trail are well marked (Wadi Litibah, the scree slope), but on some parts, it is difficult to find a way (the Stairways to Heaven). I do not recommend taking it alone and it is much better if you have someone who already has done this route. It is also not recommended to have many people in the group (at most 10). Do not attempt it during summer.

You will pass wadi Litibah, the stairways to heaven, several villages, farms, and Jabal as Sayh. The route offers stunning views of wadi Ghalillah, wadi Litibah, and Jabal as Sayh.

4x4 is required after the wadi Ghalilah dam to reach the starting point.

Must-have gear:
1) High-cut hiking shoes
2) 5 liters of water, some electrolytes, enough food
3) Sun protective clothing (many parts of the track do not have shade at all)
4) Head lump (you will finish after sunset)

Recommended gear:
1) Hiking poles (useful on the Woh Village Descent while going down)
2) Gloves (useful on the Stairways to Heaven)

Track parts:

1) Wadi Litibah
From start to P-01. This part is well marked and does not require description actually. A GPS track here should be enough.

2) The Scree slope
P-01 - P-04. Start at the stone marked with red paint (P-01). It is a split between the left and right bank starts. You will return to this point later after completing the Woh village descent. Pass a huge block with a crack (P-02), a fenced tree (P-03), and reached a tree that is almost at the top of the scree slope. It is a point of no return since you will start climbing after that. There are red paint marks on this section.

3) The Stairways to Heaven
P-04 - P-08. This section has multiple small stairways and one big at the end. The section is the hardest and most risky with very high exposure. You should not rely only on a GPS track here since you stay very close to the cliff. Go with someone who has done the route. Stones polished with boots can be good markers sometimes.

4) The Peak of false Horizons
P-08 - P-12. Head to "a peak" keeping the drop off to your right. This ascent requires good stamina since when you reach the peak you will see one more and then again and again. Enjoy perfect views of the plateau and the village. After passing the false peaks you will reach a dirt road and an amazing view of Jabal as Sayh.

5) The Traverse
P-12 - P-18. This part is mainly flat and easy. You will pass a lay-by/road supply point (P-14) on the road and some little farms (P-15 and P-16).

6) The Woh Village Descent
P-18 - P-01. After you reached Woh village you will have an amazing view of the Plateau, the stairway part, and wadi Galilah. The descent has a lot of zig-zagging and sometimes steep. You will pass farms and flat cliff ledges. There are a lot of manmade steps and several benches to take breaks. The section is over at the split point (P-01). It is a difficult part of the hike for your legs.
There are multiple pictures from this section here

7) Wadi Litibah (return)

P-01. Split, start of the Scree


On the Scree slope

Ara nokta

P-02. Cracked boulder


Cracked boulder from the top


P-03. Fenced tree


View of the canyon from the top of the scree

Ara nokta

P-04. Top of the Scree


Start climbing the Stairways


P-05. Climbing staiways

Ara nokta

P-06. The main Stairway


P-07. Top of the Stairway


P-08. Start of the Plateau, Village


P-09. Border pole


P-10. View of the plateau


P-11. View of Wadi Ghalilah


P-12. The road, view of Jabal as Sayh


P-13. View Of Wadi Ghalilah

Ara nokta

P-14. Supply point


P-15. Farm

Ara nokta

P-16. Farm


P-17. View of drop off


P-18. A bench, Wah village, start of the descent

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  • Lingesh Thangaswamy 12.Ara.2020

    Hi Anton,
    Do you have the coordinates for the descent point ?

    Thanks in advance


  • Fotoğraf: Anton Kondrushin

    Anton Kondrushin 12.Ara.2020

    Hi Lingesh,
    The main descend starts at P-18 point (coordinates 25.968911, 56.167923) and ends at P-1 (25.980183, 56.181273).
    These are coordinates from my Garmin.

  • Lingesh Thangaswamy 13.Ara.2020

    Hi Anton,
    Thank you and much appreciated

  • paul.mccomb 19.Ara.2020

    Bu rotayı takip ettim  Daha fazlasını göster

    Hi, my friend and I did this route on the 18 Dec 2021. It ascent can be a little tricky if you’ve not downloaded the exact route. Moreover, certain section on the ascent are very exposed and not for walkers who get nervous of heights. I would allow 9 hours for the route and take at least 4 litres of water.

Bu rotaya veya rotayı