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yakınında: Shalqizë, Tiranë (Albania)

This is a long trail of almost 16 kilometer, requiring good orientation, river crossings (in winter), and other obstacles. But then, you will be rewarded with many experiences and some good (in)sights into what must be the most remote area west of Tirana.

Our original route-finding experience extended to 18.3 kilometer and more than 1100 meter cumulative altitude gain, and finished while trying to negotiate extraordinarily muddy trails and to cross several swollen rivers (including Zhllima e Madhe) over doubtful makeshift bridges in pouring rain and approaching darkness.

The trail straddles the border between Tirana and Elbasan region, climbing the worthy peak of ShenMarie, and the higher - but perhaps less worthy - Kodra e Luncit with its antennas. Specifically, the hiker will venture into the communes of Baldushk (Tirana Region), Gracen (Elbasan Region) and Berzhite (Tirana Region). Interestingly, dirt roads to the villages close to the these mountains only connect to their districts and their respective district capitals, with few paths connecting the communities across the district boundaries.

Expectedly, views into all directions abound.

It should be possible, without much difficulty, to climb the two mountains separately, on shorter hikes - though then you don't get Two for One. Combining the two is certainly a good training exercise!

The trailhead is reached from Tirana by driving to and through Baldushk, until the asphalt road ends. Turn left towards Kocaj and continue to the trailhead. About 25 kilometers from Tirana.

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1- Summit Shenmarie

17-FEB-13 12:46:45

2- shortcut

2- shortcut

3- shortcut

17-FEB-13 13:48:33

4- Kodra e Luncit

17-FEB-13 14:42:26

5- Zhllima River


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  • Fotoğraf: Kralj

    Kralj 19.Şub.2013

    Not to waste their time
    Palms hike it two in one
    and when they are in good mood
    they cross rivers by the foot :)

  • Fotoğraf: Endrit Shima

    Endrit Shima 19.Şub.2013

    This sounds great adventure. :)

  • Fotoğraf: Toby Palm

    Toby Palm 19.Şub.2013

    This can't be Albania. Where are all the landfills? https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/two-for-one-and-zhllima-4012194#wp-4012196/photo-1920132

  • Fotoğraf: Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 19.Şub.2013

    Well, well, well....We picked them up and carried them down to the recycling stations....Luckily, the more remote you get, the less trash you see around. Unfortunately, most of the pollution appears to be near the highways, where thoughtless drivers dump their trash, but things have improved over the last few years. It 's going to be better...


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