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yakınında: Al Mazlūq, Musandam (Sultanate of Oman)

A less known but well laid trail in Jebel Jais area that leads you through man made staircases and sandy path towards ancient Hebs Village.
You can either hike up the stairs for 2 km to the first mountain settlement and come back same way-short option.

Or you can continue following the trail higher up the mountains until Hebs village which will be 15km in total.

It is a moderate level hike with nice elevation gain, steep at first and then gradual stroll through the mountain path, and very easy to follow. Amazing mountain views all the way, plateus and valley like in the movie scene.

Make sure to read my detailed blog post about this hidden gem trail by clicking the link below or entering this URL

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Ara nokta

1 WP-start of the stairs

You will approach staircases almost immedially. And you can locate them from from at the parking spot
Ara nokta

2 WP- staircase split

Left side is steeper but shorter, right side longer but more gradual
Ara nokta

3 WP-Left turn

Continue up the staira to the left


Valley after the first staircases
Ara nokta

4 WP-trail to the left

Continue following the trail to your left
Ara nokta

5 WP-Left turn

Ara nokta

6 WP- tree

Ara nokta

7 WP-beginning of the second staircases

Second part of the stairs that will bring you to the first settlement.

PHOTO- 1st mountain house

It took around 40-45 minutes to get to this point without stopping
Ara nokta

8 WP- continue on the trail behind this house

To the left side




More views from the trail

Panorama at the top of the mountain

700 meter elevation
Ara nokta

9 WP

Continue following mountain trail
Ara nokta

10 WP- 2nd mountain house

Go around the house from the left side


Just some hill along the way
Ara nokta

11 WP-never ending trail

It will feel like trail never ends

Summit at Hebs Village

Your ultimate destination

Photo-on the way back

Follow se trail on the way back

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  • Sabas Sabas 21.Oca.2021

    wow this so helpful. do u have a pin of the parking that I can use for my waze map? thank you very much for this. me and my girl are planning to trek this trail by mid of feb but we dont know how to go to the parking area of this trail. we will be coming from Dubai

  • Fotoğraf: Ausra Osi

    Ausra Osi 21.Oca.2021

    Hey Sabas, please check my blog post about this hike at
    I have explained how to get to the starting point there, including the coordinates :) Have fun!

  • Fotoğraf: Muhasin Pallikkal

    Muhasin Pallikkal 22.Oca.2021

    Bucket list 🥰

  • Fotoğraf: Meer Waheeth

    Meer Waheeth 23.Oca.2021

    Hi ausra, you went alone or went with a group

  • Fotoğraf: Meer Waheeth

    Meer Waheeth 23.Oca.2021

    Will we have mobile network throughout the trail?

  • Fotoğraf: Ausra Osi

    Ausra Osi 24.Oca.2021

    Hi Meer, it was two of us. Mobile network is on and off, sometimes it would think its Oman :)

  • Richard Smith 6 20.Şub.2021

    Bu rotayı takip ettim  doğrulanmış  Daha fazlasını göster

    Fantastic hike, thank you for all the information!

  • Fotoğraf: Ausra Osi

    Ausra Osi 20.Şub.2021

    Hey Richard, im glad you enjoyed it:)

  • Fotoğraf: LT kalninėtojai

    LT kalninėtojai 22.Şub.2021

    Bu rotayı takip ettim  Daha fazlasını göster

    Very nice hike! Although it was difficult to find the entrance/turn to the beginning of the trail from the asphalt road. They still building the road and it's not easy to find the right path. I would suggest to mark on Google maps the parking/beginning and according it try to navigate there. Important thing - you need to keep the small wadi on your right side. Basically the path lies in the middle of the valley. Do not go on the big higher plane, keep it on your left, you'll see water tank and continue until the yellow autonomous border observation device, parking is behind it.

  • Fotoğraf: Ausra Osi

    Ausra Osi 22.Şub.2021

    Sveiki, aciu uz visus komentarus ir dziaugiuosi, kad patiko :)

    Thank you for your comments and notes. Yes, it is indeed a little tricky to find the entrance to the road that leads to the starting point of the hike. I have added Google Maps indication with the route drawing on my blog post as well as other details to explain how to get to the starting point of the hike (link above in the description).

  • evareinerova 30.Mar.2021

    I loved the trail. Thank you. We've strugle to find the road to trail at the end. Trail was really nice when we have found it. We went this weekend (end of march). Started at 3 pm, went to herbs village after 6 pm. Camped, and went back early morning. It was warm, didn't need sleeping bags. But used tent due to little scorpions. At this time (end of march), it is more for advanced fitness level due to need to carry larger amount of water, and risk of heat stroke.

  • evareinerova 30.Mar.2021

    But for us, great trail. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • evareinerova 30.Mar.2021

    Bu rotayı takip ettim  doğrulanmış  Daha fazlasını göster

    Technically easy, but need very good fitness level.

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