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yakınında: Rimá, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

An off-beaten path moderate difficulty hike that starts at wadi Esfai village, Ras Al Khaima, UAE. If you are looking for an alternative experience to well known UAE hikes-this is a great choice. You will be on your own with the nature (will spot some rare birds, donkeys and scardy goats, as well as blue lizards which we called "peacock lizard" due to its "show-off look"). As a hike, it is a combination of a long wadi walk and mountain hiking with breathtaking views of the layered mountain range. It is a relatively long loop type of trail that you can adjust yourself, depending on how much energy and time you have. We have followed other hikers' path recorded on wikiloc but when we reached the top of the mountain we soon realized that hike can be improvised because the terrain is more or less the same. You can continue climbing up and down what we called "camel back" mountain top for as far as you are willing to (just keep an eye on the wadi that you just left, because you will have to hike down to it, preferably early before sunset). If you run out of time (as we did, it was 4pm and we were still on top) or get tired, just head down the mountain back into the wadi. Please be aware that it is still a steep climb and you need to be cautious of lots of loose rocks, nevertheless it is possible to climb up and down from many parts of the mountain. No special gear necessary (trekking polls might be useful to reduce the load on your knees especially when going down). What makes this hike challenging is its rocky terrain- you have to mind your steps. It is a constant work out even on the wadi walk (not much of an easy stroll there). Make sure to have a flashlight if the dark catches you as hiking on rocky hills at night is dangerous, tiring, and kind of annoying. We got caught up in the dark at the very last bit of our hike. Those 20min of the night scrambling through the millions of rocks drained the last bit of your already empty energy bank. Enjoy!

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Starting point

From this spot we will climb down some man made grey gravel hill and follow the right side of the mountain.

Point 1

Wadi Sfini (Esfai) village view at the start of the hike. You will climb a little bit up the hill where a first waw moment awaits for you- one side is a village view, another side open up a beautiful valley will a layered mountain range.

Point 2

Valley view that opens up after the first short climb. Use this tree as a marker point and head down i to the valley. Be aware of scree slope, follow bigger more sturdy rocks.

Point 3

After a good walk through the wider part of the wadi, you will see an option to take either left or right. Take left to continue further into the wadi.

Point 4

Slight turn to the left

Point 5

Brown rock path, starting to climb up the mountain

Point 6

A bit towards left up the hill.

Point 7

Finally top of the mountain. Actually one of the tops, after this point, continue to the right and you will find yourself going up and down the mountain edge. You dont have to be always on the very top, choose the way that feel safe and comfortable for you.

Point 8

Time to go down, we were still at tge top by 4pm and this is the latest you should be heading down. We followed a trail that was recorded by a hiker in 2015, but we decided to cut ut earlier because of the timing.

Point 9

Back into the wadi. Way back in different part of the wadis network. It will meet the main wadi later on where you continue back as you came.

12 yorum

  • Fotoğraf: vinoq33n2003

    vinoq33n2003 17.Oca.2021

    Hai,can a sedan car can reach up to trail head.Is there any proper trail or improvise as go is the boulder and climb

  • Fotoğraf: Ausra Osi

    Ausra Osi 17.Oca.2021

    Hi, yes you can reach the starting point with sedan. Leave the car in the small town as marked on the wikiloc. There is no marked trail as such, so you can improvise. There are no huge boulders but more like rocky hills with many loose rocks to watch out for. Very peaceful hike and beautiful views from the mountain.

  • Fotoğraf: vinoq33n2003

    vinoq33n2003 17.Oca.2021

    Thanks ausra for faster reply

  • Jarret Dodge 22.Oca.2021

    Just wanted to say thank you for this! My girlfriend and I started the hike at 5:00 AM and when we got to the top of the first little hill the sun was rising above the mountains ahead of us. I planned a proposal for this hike and this was the perfect moment!

    Thank you very much for helping us find it!

  • Fotoğraf: Ausra Osi

    Ausra Osi 24.Oca.2021

    Hi Jarret, I am glad it helped you to have an amazing experience. This hike is very quiet and perfect for a true nature escape. :)

  • zipster 27.Oca.2021

    Hi Ausra.
    Thanks for posting. it possible to drive further along the trail in a 4x4? I'd like to hike for around 5 hours so if I could cut out some of the flat part of the trail before climbing the main incline it could be shorter.

  • Fotoğraf: Ausra Osi

    Ausra Osi 27.Oca.2021

    Hi zipster, the trail we took doesn't have access to a car as it goes through the mountain before entering the wadi. But if you look at the map, on the left, you will see that there is a wadi connected to the village, so you may a way to enter that wadi and drive as long as possible (I haven't done that so have no idea how the wadi path is, but I can see farms and buildings, guessing it should be drivable.

  • zipster 27.Oca.2021

    Thanks for getting back to me. Yes I was looking at that wadi to the left and thought you may have seen whether it is passable. I might give that a go

  • 1993xelizabeth 28.Oca.2021

    Can dogs do this hike?

  • Fotoğraf: Ausra Osi

    Ausra Osi 29.Oca.2021

    Yes, but the climb gets steeper later on after the wadi walk, although no high boulders, still its a bit challenging, as there is no clear path.

  • 1993xelizabeth 29.Oca.2021

    Ok thank you for the info :)

  • Nik Nicholson 13.Nis.2021

    Great hike.
    Best start point is a fairly well defined path, I added a Cairn, from the top most pile of gravel, from the side (of the gravel pile) away from the village. Fantastic view down to the Ocean from the top. I won't question the moderate, but take lots of water, you will be out for a long time for 14Km hike.

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