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yer Majin, Gyeonggi-do (South Korea)

This hike started at Ungilsan Station (운길산역) and finished at Paldang Station (팔동역), but it could also be done in the opposite direction without a problem. The hike will take you over three different peaks and offers some stunning views looking down where the North Han River and South Han river meet to form the Han River running through Seoul. The hike up from Ungilsan Station is pretty steep but once up the first bit, offers lots of ridge lines between all of the peaks. I also think there are fewer people that start the hike from this location as well, which was nice. The whole hike was a bit slower for me as it was snowing throughout, but I'd imagine without any snow could be done in about 5.5 to six hours in total time (including breaks). I listed this hike as difficult simply because of the three peaks you do in one day and some of the very steep sections you will come across depending on the direction you are going.

If starting this hike from Paldang Station, the first bit isn't too difficult, but the the last 1.5kms to the top of Yebongsan is pretty grueling and almost straight up. This will get you to the best views of the hike much quicker though.


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