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yer Horná Poruba, Nitriansky (Slovenská republika)

The Strážov Mountains (Strážovské vrchy) are a mountain range in northwestern Slovakia, being part of Inner Western Carpathians. Our four-day hike took us across the whole range starting at Fačkov mountain pass (the southernmost tip of Malá Fatra) and finishing at the northern boundary of the White Carpathians.

On the third day we climbed up Vápeč as the first thing in the morning. At 956 m above sea level it' s peak offers a stunning circular views of adjacent countryside. There's another excellent camping spot on route from Vápeč to Iĺava. Nestled on the slopes beneath the mountain, there' s a shelter with a fireplace, a pond and source of fresh water (I would recommend filtrating it first as it's basically a channeled mountain stream).

We took a bus to get from Iĺava to Červený Kameň. Then we hiked along the backside of Vršatské Bradlá, a prominent limestone klippe (there's another one above Červený Kameň called Červenokamenské Bradlo) of the northern White Carpathians. We spent a night nearby the small chapel at Brezová. There's a rich source of freshwater and a lot of space to raise a couple of tents.

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